Ring skull ruthenium

Designer: Janja Prokić

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Silver ruthenium skull ring from the Ineō collection, designed by Janja Prokić. Bone and stone. The most important raw materials that the Inuit needed to take care of themselves in a nomadic way of life in an environment of long and hard frosts. And it is the life of the northernmost of the northerners that has become the main inspiration for this year’s jewellery collection by Janja Prokić. The basic artistic motif of the collection is a human skull and a pinecone, and in addition to gold, silver and precious stones, this time the artist also used wood. The collection consists of jewellery for everyday wear, but also very atypical ones in the form of rattling ritual and meditative objects.

Ineō means to break the ice under which there is life. “Each of us creates armour in our lives. A defensive crust that is strong and meant to protect us. But in reality, it imprisons the inner spring that still wells up in the soul and is life-giving. It’s important to break through and shatter this layer of defense, which is not pleasant. It’s painful. For in the breaking comes the spilling. But at the end of such a process there is cleansing and healing. It is necessary for the spring to live, to come to the surface and wash away the old deposits,” explains Janja Prokić his idea.

Weight3 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 4 cm

55, 59



Ag 925/1000, Ruthenium plated