Ring Migration 02 goldplated

Designer: Anina Jewellery

124,00 inc. VAT

Ring Migration 02 goldplated was designed by designer Anna Bartáková from Anina Jewellery studio. Migration is a concept that has captured and continues to capture the media space. People focus on human migration, longing and the journey to happiness. However, we forget that the migration of animals, plants and creatures has accompanied the existence of this world since time immemorial. It is a recurring process, a journey, a cycle, a return and a destination. The collection I present follows these journeys, discovering their lines and leaving traces on each of us through the jewellery we wear. In doing so, it creates a sense of happiness. Each piece of jewellery is therefore hand-shaped, never the same, and always has its unmistakable line.




Ag 925/1000, Gold plated