Ring comet large ruthenium

Designer: Janja Prokić

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Open comet ring large ruthenium (universal size) from the Sadalsuud collection, designed by Janja Prokić. The main motif of the new Sadalsuud collection by Czech designer Janja Prokić is stars and their power. The designer was inspired by the star of the same name, which is the brightest of the constellation Aquarius. Sadalsuud translates as the luckiest of the lucky, and therefore the jewellery from the new collection is meant to bring happiness and inner strength to the wearers on their journey.

The jewellery is made of gold and silver, complemented with diamonds and precious stones. Rose quartz, which opens the heart chakra, is a carrier of inner self-love. “Society creates many stars that we look up to, but we should remember that we are also stars to ourselves,” notes Janja Prokić. The golden to red sagenite, popularly known as Venus’s hair, is a symbol of the harmony of feminine fragility and strength. Tiny threads of sagenite crystals grow through the crystals. They are the true meaning of that fragility in the mass. The last of the three messengers of Sadalsuud is the green woolen wool. The cosmic stone that binds the Earth to the stars and which you can only find in one place. Bohemia.

Weight3 g
Dimensions5 × 5 × 4 cm

Ag 925/1000, Ruthenium plated