Pearl necklace Melolontha Vulgaris

Designer: Ela Chroust

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Pearl necklace Melolontha Vulgaris, designed by Czech jeweler Ela Chroust. At first glance it is charming and classic, at second glance it is a bit cheeky and provocative. No woman has only one face. The necklace is strung using the classic jewellery knot technique. You will have your family silver like no other, boldness will suit you! The necklace is mounted in its original entomological box, which you can hang on the wall or display it in a bookcase. This jewelry takes on an extra dimension when you’re not wearing it.

Length 40 cm.

Weight441 g
Dimensions5 × 15 × 20 cm

Ag 925/1000, Gold plated, Pearls