Tyformy - portrét

Studio Tyformy works with porcelain in the field of applied art, jewellery and large outdoor sculptures. It was founded in 2011 and is run by Pavla Vachunová, a graduate of the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague in the Ceramics and Porcelain studio.

In her work she combines traditional craftsmanship with innovations exploring the possibilities of materials. She conducts a dialogue between her roots in the White Carpathians, where the entire collection originates, and contemporary design. She is inspired by traditions brought into the present, the search for her own identity, the combination of strength and fragility. In her work she also draws on internships in Germany and China, as well as experiences from projects on the border of conceptual art in the tenuous-art installation Armour.

The Horymoře Collection. An incredible longing for the sea and the mountains. The capture of water in containers, the imprint of the sky in the peaks of the mountains and the disturbed balance, the balancing between man and landscape.