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SINGULARITY – Our philosophy

The Singularity brand draws its inspiration from the realms of technology, science, minimalistic aesthetics, and the vastness of deep space. We firmly believe that YOU are the enigmatic force, and only YOU possess the knowledge of what exists beyond your personal event horizon.

Just as the universe conceals its secrets beyond the event horizon, we believe that each of us holds the power to be the singularity of our own lives. Your unique journey, your uncharted territory, remains known only to you. We celebrate this concept while offering you exclusive, innovative designs that make a statement—a fusion of art and technology. YOU are the mystery.

About us

We are small brother & sister team with passion for design. Prokop Chludil, holding a Master’s degree from the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM), is the creative force behind our carbon products. Prokop’s lifelong fascination with technology, materials, and the quest for innovation fuels our brand’s creative engine.

His work is the perfect blend of technical precision and artistic flair. Kristýna Vejlupek, with a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Didactic Illustration from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, co-founded Singularity and leads our brand design. Kristýna’s longstanding experience in graphic design and visual culture is reflected in Singularity. Our goal is to meaningfully connect with our clients and bring them inspirational experience.


All known life consist of carbon. It is the second most common element in the human body. Our core products are rings made of carbon. Carbon is extremly light and durable material and for its qualities is used in many hi-tech industries. For us it is interesting as a jewelry material for its properties and symbolism.

You will find the Gold collection here. Gold in its pure, 24k form is a timeless classic. Its warm and radiant hue has fascinated mankind since ancient times and has accompanied us in various forms since the dawn of civilisation.

The Platinum Collection. As one of the Earth’s rarest elements, platinum symbolizes rarity, exclusivity and ultimate success.

Rose Gold Collection. 22k rose gold is made by mixing a little copper with pure 24k gold. This combination has been known to mankind for tens of thousands of years and evidence of its use can be seen in ancient civilizations.