Rony Plesl

Plesl Rony

Rückl, the oldest Czech glassworks, is a pioneer of Czech cut crystal that is also renowned abroad. Its collections combine contemporary design with precise cutting methods in a tribute to Czech glassmaking.

2017 was a breakthrough year for the brand, when it gained a new modern face thanks to its creative director Rony Plesl. The cooperation with the brand started with the Love glass collection featuringa cut heart, which became a symbol of its beginning.

Rony’s intention was to create a gift that evokes positive emotions and passions. The cut heart inspired by tattoos later evolved into the iconic lettered jars. Since 2022, designer Kateřina Handlová has been the artistic director.

Pink Collection.
Shades as soft as crimson, the colour of summer skies and crystal clear ones decorate the decor, which traces the frost on the window panes. A unique colour and a unique cut defines our journey, the direction we have taken. Pink is signed by Rückl. The Pink collection is a collection of iconic crystal glasses with different cut decors, referencing the Amadeus, Krakatit, Metamorphosis and Love collections. It is perfect as a gift for your loved ones to celebrate the most beautiful moments.

Metamorphosis collection.
Metamorphosis as a transformation of forms. Metamorphosis as a change of state, the recrystallization of rock crystal. Transformation finding identity in an absurd Kafkaesque handwriting. The delicate geometric pattern on the candlesticks and vases from the Metamorphosis collection appears perfectly regular at first glance. In fact, you can see the slight variations of an extremely demanding handmade pattern. Designed by Rony Plesl, the inspiration comes from the laid scales or crystalline grids in three colour variations – the iconic pink, tobacco brown and the traditional clear.