At the Rautis family company you can learn about the unique craft of glass bead blowing and hand-manufacture of Christmas bead ornaments, whose roots in Poniklá date back to 1902.

We are the last company in the world still preserving this traditional technology and keeping the manufacturing process current today.

Geometric Collection. The shapes of the ornaments are simplified to their very essence and function as interior spatial decoration. A wreath for a festive table or as a wall decoration? A Christmas ornament or a floral curtain for unpretentious roomies? Decorations that will keep you entertained all year round. Designed by Petra Hartman for Rautis.

Miracle collection. We are very pleased to present our new collection of beaded ornaments designed by Tereza Drobná. Minimalistically conceived ornaments symbolize the very essence of Christmas – the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. The collection includes the Holy Family – the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus and St. Joseph and the heralds of the Bethlehem event – the Archangel Gabriel and the Star of Bethlehem. The collection combines ancient craftsmanship with contemporary design, the precise shapes of the glass beads contrasting with the raw minerals. Metal, glass and stone! Designed by Tereza Drobná for Rautis.