Kateřina Reich

Reich Kateřina

Czech jewellery designer Kateřina Reich focuses on original jewellery and objects inspired by futuristic style. The leitmotif of her work is a vision of the future.

Her artistic style is close to constructivism and her jewellery is recognisable by its perfectionist geometric lines complemented with elaborate detail. Kateřina is interested in unconventional, innovative ways of creating jewellery. Her best designs border on body art, although she still emphasizes their functionality in everyday wear.

The Kyō jewellery collection is loosely inspired by the art world and traditions of ancient Japan. In particular, the woodblock prints of the Japanese masters Utamaro Kitagawa and Utagawa Kunisada, who worked in the 18th and 19th centuries and depicted the lives of geishas and courtesans.

The Crystal Sky collection is made of high quality anti-allergenic surgical steel and complemented with coloured transparent Perspex – an acrylic glass that is hand cut and polished into geometric shapes. Acrylic glass perfectly imitates glass, but is lightweight and shatterproof compared to traditional glass.

The jewellery from the Airy collection is made of transparent acrylic glass – Perspex and complemented with an element of anti-allergenic surgical steel. Perspex perfectly imitates glass but is lightweight and unbreakable compared to traditional glass.