Karla Olšáková

Karla Olšáková

The studio was founded by Karla Olšáková in 2011 has been part of Rudolf Rusňák since 2018. Karla graduated from UMPRUM in Prague, studio K.O.V. Rudolf graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava from the ceramics studio.

Karla and Rudolf make jewellery by hand from silver and gold using traditional jewellery making techniques. We can also find collections in which they use other materials, such as wood, veneer, slate, rubber or concrete.

Their work focuses mainly on architectural quality. Some of their jewellery can be found in private collections in Vienna, Hamburg, New York, Bratislava and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. In 2011 Karla was awarded the Marzee Graduate Prize.

Pearl collection in sterling silver with cultured pearl created by Karla Olsakova and Rudy Rusnak.

Sequence collection. Collaboration with Rudolf Rusňák.

Lines Collection. The clue for the collection is deeply linked to the very essence of the material. Karla’s fascination for rubber served as a springboard and has given her a strong impulse for her work. While it is commonly used in the industry, in jewellery, rubber, on the other hand, is perceived as both, unusual and also a semi-finished product with extremely large expressive potential.

You can also find our collections Organic, Seed, Tube, Loop and more.