Jiří Pelcl

Pelcl - portrét

Professor architect Jiří Pelcl is a Czech architect, designer, professor and former rector of UMPRUM. In addition to his practical activities, he is interested in design theory. He publishes texts and gives guest lectures at domestic and foreign universities.

Professor Jiří Pelcl has created a number of interiors for prestigious buildings (interiors for President Václav Havel at Prague Castle, the Czech House in Malmö, etc.). In 2006 he won the National Design Award, the Form Award in Germany, in 2007 the Design Plus Award in Germany and the Czech Grand Design Award for Designer of the Year. His work is represented in major design museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Now you can also find the Bohemia White collection, which the professor created in cooperation with Czech Porcelain from Dubí.