Fractum Object

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Fractum Object is a Czech design studio creating ceramic objects with a strong emphasis on raw materials and textures.

The creation process focuses on accepting beauty in its transience and imperfection, the studio’s collections embrace irregular shapes, organic textures, and earth-toned hues. Each piece is handmade using experimental processes, resulting in one-of-a-kind objects that showcase the studio’s focus on simplicity and uniqueness.

The Momentum collection is a materialization of the uncertainty of the situation and a permanent capture of momentum into the matter. When creating objects, the artists have no idea what the outcome will be and let their intuition guide them. The history of ceramic culture is a great inspiration for them. Elements of ancient and medieval utilitarian products are depicted in a new form and the artists pay homage to one of the oldest crafts.

The objects are created using experimental modeling techniques. The initial piece of stoneware clay is heated and stretched with sticks from the inside. This process expands and cracks the outer surface, creating the raw texture of lines. The combination of the chosen material and process creates a tension that reflects the relationship between human and organic matter, which is forever immortalized in the object at the moment of formation.