Eva Růžičková

Růžičková Eva

Eva Růžičková is an alumni of the UMPRUM studio of K.O.V. in Prague led by Eva Eisler. During her studies, she underwent an internship in Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, at the studio Schmuck of Daniel Kruger. In 2016 her work was chosen for the prestigious show TALENTE in Munich. She also exhibited in Milan, New York, Berlin and London.

“I am fascinated by craft, technology and the endless potential of materials. That is why I like to experiment and use materials such as wood, cork, slate, mother of pearl and many others. I also put emphasis on precise craftsmanship and detail. I perceive the jewel a personal or even intimate statement, something very close to the body and I would like to include these, for me, important.”

The Drops and Shining collections stand for life, movement and strength. Eva works with basic, neutral black and white complemented with red accents. Just like the blood circulating in the body, the drop symbol reminds us of time and that the end marks the beginning of something new.

The Naive collection is inspired by children’s jewellery. Everyone surely remembers their first ring, chain or earrings that were an important part of our personality as children. The collection is very delicate and girly, the motif of granules grouped into individual subtle forms is repeated here.