Daniel Piršč

Piršč Daniel

Daniel Piršč is a renowned Czech designer in of porcelain. His pursuit of new applications for porcelain in interior decor, architecture and customised designs have led to numerous design awards.

Quality, production methods, innovative technology and exceptional design set Daniel Piršč apart in the Czech Republic and abroad as a true master of his craft. He studied porcelain and ceramic at the renowned College of Industrial Arts.

He has been operating the PIRSC PORCELAIN studio in Mikulov, Czech Republic since 2005 and is currently Head of Porcelain and Ceramics at the College of Industrial Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.

3D wallpapers are Original. The first 3D pattern wallpaper studio. And also the most diverse and monumental. With so many variables during installation, the possibilities are endless. Water, mercury, oil spill and more. A series of eight types. You’ll find Drops, Rain, Bubbles, Batmobile.

Playful, colourful, bursting with positive energy. This is the new Fruits vase collection. A daily dose of freshly squeezed juice in colourful combinations and materials.

The vase from the Filigree collection is delicate in detail, monumental in shape. The hand-cut lattice vase now infamously lives on as part of the prestigious CZECH 100 DESIGN ICONS of all time.

The classic shape of a tin canister enhanced by porcelain. For lovers of romance with a touch of punk spirit. The Petrol series of vases in three sizes with a folkloric pattern and a glossy glazed surface.