Anna Schwitzer

Anna Schwitzer - portrét

Anna Schwitzer is a Czech textile designer who runs her own label in France and Prague. She combines traditional roots with modern design, drawing on her experience in the French and Czech textile industry. Her approach combines tradition and innovation, resulting in unique creations.

Anna carefully creates designs for her brand that reflect her aesthetic sensibilities. Her designs not only showcase her vision, but also provide a new perspective on textiles. She is respected in the design world and is known for her original, high quality designs. Her collections are hand-painted and produced in limited editions with a focus on quality and exclusivity.

Each scarf is a wearable work of art, embodying individuality and telling a compelling story. Anna Schwitzer’s work is a blend of heritage and contemporary design, creating designs that are timeless works of art. For the abstract pattern enthusiast, Anna Schwitzer creates silk scarves in thoughtful colour combinations. Anna finds inspiration primarily in nature, her surroundings, travel and books.

She enjoys working with symbols and their meanings to enhance abstract compositions. However, the most essential element in Anna’s scarf designs is colour. Her scarves are characterized by unusual color combinations that highlight abstract motifs. In addition to her signature scarves, Anna collaborates with designers on joint projects and creates custom scarves for various clients. “I am constantly working on new designs. The brand is evolving and building its reputation, designing and producing scarves for other design studios, galleries and shops.

The scarves you will find here come from the Déjà vu collection.