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Barbora Lepší - umělecké díloBarbora Lepší - umělecké díloBarbora Lepší - umělecké dílo

Barbora Lepší

Barbora Lepší works mainly with painting, objects and installation. Her work is based on a regular drawing routine, working with motifs of the human body

Barbora Lepší is interested in the details of hair, folds or skin texture. Not in the sense of anatomy, but the body as a form and an “enigma” at the same time. Her work shows the influence of graphic programs, their visuality, effects, layering, framing. But the result is material, it has its own structure, composition of materials, “corporeality”.

The individual works, although created intuitively, are nevertheless set in possibly chosen fields of reference (surrealism, Kris Lemsalu, Aaron Curry, magic realism, Ester Krumbach, new wave, Eva Hesse).

Beyond these references, I would also mention a certain formal and perhaps even substantive closeness to the work of Jitka and Květa Válová. Their existentialism in Barbara’s performance mixes with the “pop” colours of the backgrounds and the flatness of the markers.

– text Marek Meduna

Artist's exhibitions

The Abstract & Reality

Metahumens - Romana Drdová - výstava Abstrakce a realita
Barbora Lepší - umělecké díloMetahumens - Romana Drdová - výstava Abstrakce a realitaLenka Glisníková - umělecké díloBarbora Lepší - výstava Abstrakce a realitaMetahumens - umělecké dílo - Michal Pustějovský - Romana DrdováTadeáš Podracký - Barbota Lepší - výstava Abstrakce a realitaLenka GlisníkováTomáš Absoln - výstava Abstrakce a realitaBarbota Lepší - výstava Abstrakce a realita
Nov. 2, 2022 - Feb. 28, 2023
The Abstract & Reality exhibition presents works by contemporary young Czech artists.

The selection of works displays abstract drawings and paintings by Barbora Lepší and Tomáš Absolon, and is combined with experimental photographs by Lenka Glisníková.

In a single place, you have the opportunity to view a combination of contemporary Czech design and art by Tadeáš Podracký.

Metahumans by Michal Pustějovský and Romana Drdová is displayed in the shop window, and reacts to passers-by. These works are holographic projections of artificially created beings with pre-determined emotions.