Anna-Marie Berdychová
Anna-Marie Berdychová - uměníAnna-Marie Berdychová - uměníAnna-Marie Berdychová - uměníAnna-Marie Berdychová -Anna-Marie Berdychová - umění

Anna-Marie Berdychová

Anna-Marie Berdychová graduated from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague at the Studio of Photography and is currently finishing her degree at the Painting Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

She works in the field of objects, sculptures, and installations. She often uses DIY techniques and processes. Her interest lies in exploring the materiality of the artwork and utilizing the degradation of materials as a process for creating.

Artist's exhibitions

Would You Still Love Me If I Were a Worm?

Aleksandra Vajd - umění
Anna-Marie Berdychová - uměníAnna-Marie Berdychová - uměníAleksandra Vajd - uměníAnna Ruth - obrazAnna-Marie Berdychová - uměníAnna Ruth - obrazTereza Příhoda Štětinová - uměníTereza Příhoda Štětinová - umění
Mar. 8, 2023 - May. 31, 2023
Exhibition Would You Still Love Me If I Were a Worm? presents the works of four artists, Aleksandra Vajd, Anna Ruth, Tereza Štětinová and Anna-Marie Berdychová.

Each of the artists works in different mediums, such as photography, sculpture, object or painting. However, they share an interest in similar themes inspired by female mythological creatures or the contemporary position of women in art. We deliberately focused the opening on International Women’s Day as a celebration of female gentleness and strength. Exhibition Would You Still Love Me If I Were a Worm? is an effort to bring the unique and inspiring perspectives of each artist into a common thematic space.