Vase Lippo orange

Designer: Laokon

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Vase Lippo orange. Designed by LAOKON studio. We come to you with a new collection that will raise your passion for sweets to a new level. Exclusive pastel glass LIPPO vases that will add a touch of colour, playfulness and elegance to your space.

Each piece is made using the traditional handmade glassmaking process, where different coloured enamels are picked up layer by layer to bring you the highest level of quality and experience. Produced in four colours pink, purple, orange and yellow. Don’t miss the opportunity to brighten up your interior with our LIPPO vases or get a gift that will make you smile.

What we love about the collection is the playfulness, the variation of the vases and the colour combinations with flowers. As children, we used to play with the lipa candy cubes and build different towers and rows with them. The playfulness is not to be forgotten!

Dimensions: 17 x 9 cm
Design by Daniela Vrabcová Chodilová

Weight1100 g
Dimensions24 × 12,5 × 12,5 cm