Vilém Frič

Vilém Frič - portrét

Artforest Company s.r.o. ( Ltd), whose founder is MgA. Vilém Frič is a continuation of a long family tradition of Czech artists who work at the domestic and foreign market since 1973 (Prof. Jaroslav Frič, MgA. Jiří Frič).

Plans and realizations of the author’s works, creation of art articles, design and conceptual projects are the main focus of the company Artforest s.r.o.

In THE DESIGN you will find the Puddle collection. Each piece is an original. Each puddle is hand cut, has a polished finish and is signed. Its surface is imperfect, just as the surface of the puddle reflects its surroundings. The rust-resistant steel that the puddles are made of allows them to capture a long-lasting story, a record of how it is used, by whom and how it is treated. It is a kind of symbolism of the relationship between the puddle and its owner, a story that is captured and becomes a memory. As a design tray, it can also be a functional element in dining.