Unfinished Projects

Unfinished Projects - portrét

This Czech handmade jewellery brand, Unfinished Projects, was founded two years ago by visionary designer Kien Nguyen. It presents a comprehensive collection of rings that represents a significant leap in their creative journey.

The genesis of Unfinished Projects took shape in 2022 with a captivating ring showcase ASTRAL at Prague’s esteemed The Chemistry Gallery. The “WITHIN” collection is a daring progression from the ASTRAL exhibition.

Embracing the philosophy of finding beauty hidden in those contrasts between the polished and the flawed along with the shiny and worn-out became the pivotal concept for the UNFINISHED PROJECS brand vision.

In its essence, to finish something means there is nothing more to it. For this very reason, we think projects are not meant to be finished. They are here to stay to fuel our lives with passion — to keep us awake at night and fundamentally awake to life.