Nastassia Aleinikava

Aleinikava Kahotski portrét

Nastassia Aleinikava Studio is presented by Anastasia and Pavel Kahotski, who live and work in Prague, Letná.

The original jewellery is the work of designer Nastassia Aleinikava. In their organic shapes we feel a touch of mystery and a kind of deep symbolism. Anastasia’s work has won numerous awards, such as Grand Designer of the Year 2017, the main title of the prestigious Czech Grand Design Awards. Her jewellery is also part of several museum collections.

The second branch of Nastassia Aleinikava Studio is represented by Pavel Kahotski, who designs and handcrafts distinctive extravagant eyewear for real personalities. Each piece is created in collaboration with its future owners. The glasses thus combine the original design signature of Nastassia Aleinikava Studio and the individual style of their wearers.

You can find here collections of Lure, Komety, Memento mori, Voynichův rukopis.