František Jungvirt

Jungvirt - portrét

Frantisek Jungvirt, born in 1996, is a glass artist, designer and glass painter based in Prague. He has experience working for international studios and famous glass brands like a Moser and Preciosa as well as cooperating with private clients too.

He works across a variety of projects ranging from art direction to glass design. His work encompasses everyday products, gallery objects, site-specific artworks and limited series. He mostly return to the most classic references of Czech glassmaking which he associate with new impulses. He try to move the technical and visual boundaries of the glass department. He has been awarded several times for his work.

Collector’s series of jewellery boxes (120 pieces in total). Each piece is hand numbered. “Glass artist and designer František Jungvirt and Slovak jeweller Ján Jánoš present a joint project. In it, they shift the perception of jewellery from a purely feminine affair to a masculine and unisex plane. For the silver, handmade rings from Atelier Hora, Jungvirt designed a collection of black, hand-shaped and cut jewellery boxes.

A series of vases/objects inspired by the spring planting of flowers and the awakening of nature from its winter slumber. The vases are hand blown into a wooden mould made from unique pinkish erbium glass. The unique subtle colour transition in the glass is caused by the so-called colouring glass rubies, which are hot-packed onto the base bulb of the glass.