Anežka Juhová

Juhová - profilová fotka

Anežka Juhová is a graduate of the K.O.V. Studio at UMPRUM in Prague and her diploma work Landscape in Motion was selected for the prestigious competition The Marzee International Graduate Show. For her Taro collection, she was nominated for the Czech Grand Design 2022 – Jewellery Designer of the Year Awards, where she was among the final three.

The new Maya collection captures specific moments from the artist’s travels in Mexico. The collection is personal.

The concept of the Eternite collection is based on the human need to constantly connect or return to something.

Ore is the artist’s first collection inspired by inanimate nature, its random arrangement, the accident of its creation and its demise. The morphology of the jewellery is mostly based on the changing crystalline structures.

2023 – Czech Grand Design 2022 Awards Exhibition – Česká spořitelna Gallery, Prague

Designblok 25th, Maya Collection, National Gallery Prague – Veletržní palác

2022 – Designblok 24th, Taro Collection, Gabriel Loci, Prague 2021 The Marzee International Graduate Show, Nijmegen

Designblok 23, Eternite Collection, Gabriel Loci, Prague Diploma&Bachelor’s work, Landscape in Motion Collection, Prague Market Hall, Prague

2020 – Designblok 22, Presentation of K.O.V. studio, Výstaviště Holešovice, Prague

2019 – Designblok 21, Presentation of K.O.V. Svoboda, View of the Young Generation, Czech Centre Prague On the Road, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Netherlands