Ademi - portrét

ADEMI Designer Adéla Mitrengová has had internships with well-known brands such as Chatty, Stine Goya and Cecilie Bahnsen. She is based on the principle of quality over quantity. Under her hands, minimalist, yet distinctive pieces are created. When designing handbags, variability & modularity was important to the designer so that the handbag can be used as much as possible.

The handbags are sewn from premium Italian leather by Gruppo Mastrotto, meeting high demands for sustainability. They come to the world near the Bohemian Forest. The freshest collection to ADEMI’s credit is Emotional Reflections, created in collaboration with jewellery brand Du Coeur. At the same time, for the first time ever, ADEMI is also presenting an extensive clothing collection, including dresses and sets made of viscose.

Local production

Each of their products is created in a small workshop near Šumava. From the initial prototype, through detailing, to the final sewing. This is the only way they can be sure that each piece is given individual care and the highest quality is guaranteed.

Quality materials

The handbags are made of Italian leather by Gruppo Mastrotto. It holds several certificates. These guarantee the lowest possible environmental impact, working with sustainably sourced raw materials, reduced water consumption and ease of recycling. The Blauer Engel awards verify the ecological quality of the leather and the LWG Gold Rated certificate verifies the impact of the production system. We process the material down to the last cut. The smallest ones are used for small components on handbags, the larger ones are used to make key rings.

The Re-start collection disrupts the trend for beige and the austerity of quarantine fashion. It draws inspiration from the Bridgerton series. It was made for fun. The designer wanted to bring more happiness into her life. It is about extravagance, details, colours and abstract patterns, created in collaboration with painter Martin Prachar. The collection was presented at MBPFW 21 in the Van Graff junior talent category.

The main source of inspiration for the Choices collection was a visit to La Muralla Roja by architect Richard Bofill’s discovery of surrealist illustrator Charlotte Taylor. Both of these inspirations are reflected in the shapes, curves and colour palette of the leather handbags. The pastel colours caress the soul and combine easily with a wide range of outfits.

The Candy shop collection represents playfulness, unusual shapes and colour combinations inspired by sweets. The Milkshake tote bag, Dessert bag and Muffin case allow you to sin without regret. When designing, the author explored the two human senses – taste and sight – and the boundary between them.