Piršč Daniel
Piršč Daniel - 3D obraz detailPiršč Daniel - lampyPiršč Daniel - lampaPiršč DanielPiršč Daniel - váza velkáPiršč Daniel - váza zlatáPiršč Daniel - 3D obraz zlatýPiršč Daniel - 3D obraz zelenýPiršč Daniel - porcelánPiršč Daniel - vázy bílé

Daniel Piršč


Daniel Pirsc is a renowned Czech designer in of porcelain. His pursuit of new applications for porcelain in interior decor, architecture and customised designs have led to numerous design awards.

Quality, production methods, innovative technology and exceptional design set Daniel Pirsc apart in the Czech Republic and abroad as a true master of his craft. Pirsc studied porcelain and ceramic at the renowned College of Industrial Arts. He has been operating the PIRSC PORCELAIN studio in Mikulov, Czech Republic since 2005 and is currently Head of Porcelain and Ceramics at the College of Industrial Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.